There Could Be a Krack in Your Wireless Network

by | Oct 18, 2017 | News

You may have seen in the news lots of talk of a new security flaw in wireless networks which has been given the name ‘Krack’. This vulnerability relates to the ‘handshake’ that takes place when your device connects to a wireless network. First your device gives a password and, assuming that password is correct, you are connected. It is the next step that is a potential problem, when the wireless network sets up a session key.

This session key is a single use number, but the vulnerability allows hackers to get your router to use that number again which allows them to run the same session as you. As a result, the encryption that secures the data in that session can be cracked and that means the hackers may get access to the data you sent during that session, including user names and passwords.

This is potentially a dangerous situation but it affects all wireless networks that use the 802.x standard and, let’s face it, that’s every wireless network in use today so there is no need to panic, just be more careful with what you are doing over wi-fi.


What happens next?

If you have a wireless network, check your vendor’s web site for a patch or upgrade to the software. Many already have a fix for you to download. In some cases, this is tied to a current support contract but, rest assured, there is a fix that is easy to apply.

If you need help or advice, give us a call. Like everyone, Lynx had the same issue and we have upgraded our network. It took no more than a few minutes and the issue was fixed. It’ll be just as easy and quick to fix your network.

The Krack security flaw should be taken seriously but there’s no need to panic. If you act fast everything will be OK.

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