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Flex MailSafe: Cloud-based Email Filtering

9 out 10 cyber attacks start with a malicious email. Flex MailSafe is a cloud-based email filtering service that requires no on-site hardware or special software. Through the use of intelligent multi-layered detection engines, you can protect your organisation from over 99% of incoming threats.

All Flex MailSafe systems that we provide are 100% cloud-based, this means there management is centralized and can be handled remotely. It also means that you can protect all remote users and devices.

Cloud Email

Zero Day Protection

Our MailSafe systems boast zero day protection. This means that threats are detected and blocked the very same day that it is created and distributed.

Centralised Management

Easily apply changes and policies at the user, group or mailbox level through centralised administrative control. Changes can applied remotely across multiple sites.

All Major Platforms

Flex MailSafe systems work on all major email services. Whether you use Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Suite, we can offer you sophisticated protection.

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