Cloud Managed WiFi

Flex Wireless: Cloud Managed WiFi

Remote unified management of your entire wireless network through cloud managed WIFI.

Cloud managed wireless systems give you control of all of your sites WiFi networks from a single web-based portal, simplifying scalability, configuration and maintenance.  Our Flex Wireless solution is powered by Cisco Meraki, utilizing industry leading technology to provide rapid connectivity and robust security.

Cisco Meraki Hardware

Rapid Configuration

The Meraki web-based portal has been designed with ease-of-use at its core. Configuration is simple and deployment is instant across all of your networks.

Simple Scalability

Adding additional access points or even an entirely new network is quick and easy. Configuration settings are rapidly duplicated and deployed through the web-based portal.

Robust Security

Cisco Meraki boasts a huge range of security features including two-step authentication, on-board dedicated security radios and end-to-end encryption of the web-portal.

Powered by  Cisco Meraki

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