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Flex WebSafe: Cloud Web Security

Flex WebSafe is our approach to cloud web security; services that can be managed remotely from a web-based portal, enabling you to apply policies and changes centrally for all your users, whether they are in the office or out.

Cloud-delivered web proxys protect your organisation by denying users access to malicious websites. DNS requests are sent via a cloud-hosted proxy which then verify the authenticity of the website.

Our Flex WebSafe system is delivered by Cisco Scansafe, powered by Cisco Talos.

Cloud Security

Zero Day Protection

Our WebSafe solution boast zero day protection. This means that threats are detected and blocked the very same day that it is created and distributed.

Cisco Talos

Talos is Cisco’s threat intelligence department. It powers the majority of Cisco’s security products by detecting cyber threats to create true zero-day protection.

Cisco Umbrella

Similar to WebSafe/Scansafe, Cisco Umbrella denies your users access to malicious websites through software that sits on your server or mobile device. Talk to us to find out what solution is right for your organisation.

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