Fever Screening Cameras

Hikvision thermographic cameras screen people for high body temperature as they enter your premises, helping you to keep your environment free of coronavirus.

The cameras work by providing a dual display showing a normal image alongside a coloured thermographic image. The camera detects the body temperature of the subject and, if it is above the threshold, it will alert with a flashing light, audible warning and an email, if required. The cameras can work independently or as part of a Hikvision CCTV solution with a Hikvision NVR recorder.

Accuracy is within 0.5 degrees. This can be improved to 0.3 degrees with an additional piece of equipment. There are a number of cameras available but we’re finding the 6mm turret camera and the handheld camera are the most popular.

Hikvision Thermal Camera
Hikvision Handheld Thermal Camera

Help Keep your Environment free of coronavirus

Here is an example of how the cameras work:

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